Jason Qian, Lilly Lu

We were so lucky to have Mr. Eustorgio Villa as our agent. We were a retired couple at the time trying to escape from the long and cold winters in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We first explored the Greater LA Metropolitan Region in early May 2012 and at that time everything seemed to be great, the home prices seemed reasonable and affordable. We went back, sold our house in suburban Pittsburgh, and three months later, we came back to Southern California. We arrived with a beautiful dream of a little new home in this friendly climate without realizing that the market had changed so much since our last visit. The housing market had sky-rocketed and inventory was at an extreme low. We panicked and losst confidence. We even thought about movig back to Southwestern Pennsylvania. It was Eustorgio’s confidence, patience, and professional service that helped us regain our confidence. We cannot remember how many homes Eustorgio showed us. We requested to see some properties a second and third time, and Eustorgio never showed any tiredness but was always willing and happy as showing us something new. We are somewhat picky: we wanted something in a great neighborhood, no stairs, good sunshine in every room, and affordable. Eustorgio never pushed us on anything. Everytime he found something that was close to meeting our needs, he would present it to us with excitement. We could see and feel that he shared our concerns and worries, our disappointment and joys. He truly serves his clients whole heartedly. As a result of his high professional service and his familiararity of the local market, plus his hard work, at last we purchased our new home at the end of 2012. We would rate Eustorgio a 5-Star Realtor and recommend him to anyone looking for an excelllent agent.