Joe & Rabecca Hsieh

My wife and I met Eustorgio at an open house. He was so knowledgable that we decided to hire him as our sales agent although we already had one at that time. He was so patient with us, and showed us multiple homes until we finally found one suited for us. During the negotiations, he used his professional knowledge to convince the seller to agree to a price which met our goal. After this successful deal and the trust built between Eustorgio and our family we reccommended him to our daughter, and he also found a wonderful home for her. A few years later we decided to list one of our homes for lease and he knew exactly who to hire to repair and repaint the house at a reasonable cost, and got a cleaning crew in there right away. We would reccommend Eustorgio whether you want to buy, sell or lease a home. We beleive you will have a pleasant and fully-satisfying experience, same as we had.