John Scacco

Yvette is outstanding! Very experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled realtor. Her service was excellent and I strongly recommend her for Orange County home buyers. Five out of five stars. In my experience there are many skills a realtor should possess and tasks they need to know how to accomplish including:

  • Knowledge of the market and neighborhoods
  • Ability to help buyer determine “must haves” vs. “nice to have”
  • Finding homes that match these requirements
  • Being efficient with buyer’s time
  • Determining and negotiating offers with the listing agent
  • Negotiating repairs or credits to be provided based on home inspection
  • Working with the lenders, title, inspectors, etc. on the timing/closing
  • Coordinating with the city on zoning, renovation, additions, etc. rules
  • Helping buyers take the emotions out of the process and think objectively
  • Follow up with all parties to make sure the close and post close activities all go smoothly

Yvette has all these and more. Thank you for all your help.